Client FAQs

I can’t hear any sound.

This is a common issue with iOS devices. To fix this issue, please flip your mute/vibrate button to the ‘on’ position and also be sure your volume is up. We understand that sometimes your sound works without this switch flipped, but for this app it must be ‘on’ in order to hear sound.

Can I record the broadcast?

Nope. It’s illegal to do so. It’s also against our user agreement. We will remove your account forever if you’re found to be recording the broadcast.

Will shows start on time?

That’s up to the artist. A lot of times there are delays. At least this way you’ll be hanging out in the location of your choice rather than standing around a venue playing loud filler music.

Will I get to listen to the opening act(s)?

For payment and licensing reasons the opening act is considered a different performance on HnT. Each artist has to agree to the terms, and set up their own broadcast.

What if an artist reschedules or cancels their show?

You will be sent a notification that a change has occurred. Credits will automatically be returned into your HnT account. If you’d like to listen to the rescheduled show, you’ll have to re-purchase access. PLEASE NOTE: WE CANNOT REFUND CREDITS BACK INTO CURRENCY (US DOLLARS).

Artist FAQs

What happens after a broadcast?

  • • The show gets archived in your personal account.
  • • If you enabled re-broadcasting, then the concert file will start looping so fans can listen for the number of days you selected in the performance setup.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel a show?

  • • Please don’t. Your fans are excited to hear you!
  • • If you have to, please do it as far ahead of time as possible.
  • • You can reschedule or cancel a show at any time via the Show detail page. You’ll be asked to confirm. Your fans will be sent a notification, and have the options of signing up for the rescheduled date, or get all their credits put back into their account, but we can’t refund their money.
  • • If you cancel a lot of shows (it’s up to our discretion what “a lot” means), then we may suspend or deactivate your account.

How do I get paid?

  • • We send out checks within 45 days after each calendar quarter when your balance with us is greater than $25. (i.e. If you’ earned $26 between Jan 1-Mar 31, a check will be sent out by May 15.)
  • • Checks are mailed to the address in your account. You can change it at any time.

What if I didn’t earn $25?

  • If you don’t earn $25 within a calendar quarter, the money will roll over into the next quarter. If you don’t earn $25 within 4 calendar quarters, we’ll send out a check for the earned amount within 60 days after the 4th calendar quarter.

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